Imagine a scene – we’ll find it

SCENE FACTORY has over 40 years’ experience finding the right footage for everything from TV ad campaigns to museum installations.

Whether you need a vaudeville chorus line, a Napoleonic battle scene, experimental animation, a moody English countryside, Australian rules football, great white sharks in 3D, or just about any subject, concept, mood or tone, shot between 1895 and last week, we’ll find it and clear it for your intended use.

We’re not content looking through the usual library sources. With extensive local experience in the US, Europe and Australia, and with an international network of film-makers, producers and collectors, we scour the Earth looking for the best scenes : scenes that do more than fit a description on a list, scenes that people will remember and that will add life and originality to your project.

SCENE FACTORY will find the scenes you have in mind for your site, or for any kind of film or video production.

* For details of film research experience please see SCENE HISTORY *

We’ll be happy to present you with a proposal based on your site or project specifications.



LOCATION / PROJECT Chain of hair salons
SCREEN / WALL DIMENSIONS Originally-designed mirror sections that turn into screens
SURROUNDING COLORS / TEXTURES Turquoise, red and black
HUMAN TRAFFIC 100 people / day
TONE / THEME / SUBJECT Dancers from 1920s to 1970s with emphasis on dance moves, fashion and hair
PLACEMENT Interspersed between other programming
DURATION 30 to 60-second scenes
SOUND Yes, background
MISC Inventive, unusual graphic design


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