SCENE FACTORY was founded by Henri Ehrlich as a workshop and development space for the production of SCENERY.

By SCENERY we mean video content created with a specific site or type of site in mind. The site determines the content, which consists of one or more SCENES.

The scenes are characterized by their self-sufficiency. They have a complete life outside of any other context or structure. This includes scenes waiting to be filmed and already-existing scenes caught up in old-fashioned structures like TV documentaries or feature films.

SCENE FACTORY liberates scenes from their constricting contexts so that they can take on a life of their own in a new, specific, multi-dimensional home like a bar, a street, a train station, a school, a waiting room, a lobby.

These site-specific SCENES need to be entertaining and aesthetically pleasing to work as SCENERY. They have to enhance a site and attract attention.

Finding such scenes is easy. Once you take the position that there can be a film in a scene, and not just scenes within films, you begin to see all kinds of opportunities for great SCENERY.

That terrific 3-minute chase scene in the picture you otherwise found boring and overproduced could be shown on its own. The tango scene you loved, the street vendor in 1928 Shanghai, the vaudeville routine, the dolphin ballet, the time-lapse Los Angeles traffic grid, can all work as SCENERY.

Today we have screens everywhere and we can show films on any surface, in all shapes and formats. Unfortunately, most of the content shown on these screens and surfaces is a lot less original than the technology it’s on. We have old content running on a new medium. SCENE FACTORY aims to help change that.

We have nothing against traditional linear storytelling but here we like to focus on scenes that capture a moment, a look, a thought – independent of a broader intent – for the sheer pleasure of savoring a piece of time. We bring these scenes to specific sites the way you might bring paintings or views to a space.

Now you can put a musical number in a club’s foyer, a medieval procession on a park wall, a tropical forest in your lobby, swinging London behind the skinny tie rack, a Laotian village scene in your waiting area. You can create the SCENERY that’s right for you.