film research

Muhammad Ali training, reciting his poetry, expounding on The American Way of Life

Documentary made from recently discovered footage shot in 1973-74


Wild orgies and suburban hot-tubs

Internet documentary “Le Libertinage” (Anaé Media)


Mao, Mussolini and co. + girls

Documentary “Sexuality of Tyrants” (Public Sénat)
  Rockabilly, hippie, disco, punk, trash, metal and SM scenes Series “Sex + Music” (Arte)
  Fire ants vs phorid flies, lionfish and giant crabs Series “The Conquerors” (Arte)
  Champs Elysées in stretch limo Shoot for “Gossip Girl” (Warner Brothers TV)
Research, clearance and production of scenes, focusing on sources and subjects off the beaten track. Created New Media Directions, Paris, for development of original content for public spaces, research and exploitation of film archives
  Cities, villages and countrysides of Laos and Chile, portraits of workers, children, buddhist monks, time-lapse beauty shots. Shot for “Art of Travelling Laos – Chile”, 90 min video expo created for public waiting areas (New Media Directions/Caravane Films)
Economic capers from 1929 to 2008, candid moments with Greenspan, Fuld & co, Brooksley Born, home videos of victims “Le roman de la crise” (Cinétévé – Daniel Cohen/ Eric Orsenna)
Scenes from Russian Lunokhod program Documentary “Tank on the Moon” (ZED Productions)
Interviews with Nasa scientists at Planetary Society, Pasadena, CA Shot for “Tank on the Moon” (ZED)
African animist rituals Series “Dieux/Demons” (ZED)
Animal experimentation Documentary “La vie rêvée des rats” (Gédéon– dir. Florence Tran)
Presentations made at International Space University conference in Strasbourg on Space colonisation and plans for safeguarding of human knowledge on the Moon. Shot for “Remembering Earth”, futuristic series project developed with The Independent Production Fund, New York (Alvin H. Perlmutter)
Home movies of Placido Domingo, Lorena Ochoa, Roger Federer Rolex TV campaign (Bliss/ Guy Pechard)
Shanghai 1930s daily life, street scenes, opium dens, taxi girls “Shanghai les années folles” (Idéale-Audience)
2005 Skylines and city views showing modern architectural styles HD promo “Digitown”, produced from library footage for Thomson Multimedia exhibit at IFA Expo, Berlin
Split water/sky beauty shots for product background Shot in Tortola, British V.I. for Hycalia TV spot (PM Publicité)
20,000 hours of scenes from library of Beyond International, Sydney, Australia Created Beyond Vision for exploitation of Beyond’s documentary collections
Statue of bull in Wall St area Shot for St George Bank animated TV spot (George Tomeski & Partners, Sydney)
Red bull ants carrying and unloading twigs Shot for Incitek Pivot TV spot (Blacklab Int’l, Australia)
Aerials mountains, landscapes, extreme sports, Queenstown, NZ Created DVD “New Zealand Dreaming” from library of Making Movies NZ
Outback, scenics, cities – all parts of Australia Created DVD “Walkabout” from Beyond Vision library
Scenes of African wilderness, underwater, space, wildlife, cities around the world Created 9 X 10 min films from Beyond Vision library for showing in Sydney office tower (Trinity Partners-275 George Street)
Stylized/unusual scenes from independent and experimental films and sources Created Lookout Productions/ Extreme Footage with australian film-maker Ruth Cullen (research, representation and production).
Scenes of Velvet Underground, 1970s NY music scene Lou Reed” bio for American Experience (PBS)
Scenes of children killed from gun violence Researched and cleared for Saatchi/ US Dept of Justice gun control PSA campaign “Where Have all the Children Gone?”
Scenes from all over New York State, all seasons Shot for NY State Dept of Commerce “I Love NY” campaign
Time-lapse scenes of Buffalo, NY in all seasons Shot for titles and segways for Warner Brothers TV series “Jessie
Kids looking delinquent Shot for US Army motivational film
Lifestyles: blacks, latinos & whites, young & old, looking insured Shot for BF&M Insurance TV commercial campaign (in-house agency)
Miami airport crowds, jets landing Shot for Disney feature “Instinct”
Scenes from award-winning films and collections (Koyaanisqatsi, Robin Lehman, MacGillivray-Freeman, Hilary Harris, Warren Miller, Energy Productions, Steve Marts, Archive Films, Andre de la Varre, Greg Huglin, David Fortney, Ushuaia etc.) Created Film Search Inc (research co. and footage agency, sold to The Image Bank in 1988). Found and licensed scenes for hundreds of TV spots, music videos, feature films incl. Time Inc (Y&R), Atari “Centipede” (BBDO), “Stardust Memories” (Woody Allen), “Freeze Frame” (J. Geils Band), Radio City Music Hall 50th Anniversary special
Lone farm house at horizon in eastern Washington State wheat country Scene shot for New Yorker Magazine TV commercial (Lord, Geller, Federico)
All subjects – scenes selected from Film Search collections Promotional film “Countdown” produced for The Image Bank Film (dir. Steve Stein/Jon Kane)
Aerials NYC landmarks at night Scenes shot for Fortunoff’s TV commercial “Jewels of New York”
Hip-looking young people hanging out in NYC streets Scenes shot for Schlitz Beer TV commercial “More than a Feeling”
Pre-colombian gold art Scenes shot for documentary “Gold of Eldorado” (ABC TV)
Barren landscapes Scenes shot for IBM TV spot “Fractals” (Lord Geller Federico)
Award scenes (sports, showbiz, Nobel etc) Scenes researched and edited for IBM motivational film “Trophies
NBC News rushes1970s decade "Sensational Seventies" 10-hour series (prod Philip Hobel)
Crazy inventions from 1920-1960 Feature “Gizmo” (dir. Howard Smith)
Vaudeville early 20th century Smithsonian Institution multi-screen exhibit “A Nation of Nations” (dir. Rusty Russell)
Sports highlights 20th century CBS series “Marlo & the Magic Movie Machine”
Vietnam war scenes, ant-war protests “Beatlemania” – film segments for Broadway show
ABC News out-takes showing US alternative culture from 1965 to 1975 True Adventure” (dir/res/edit) alternative bicentennial film (prod. Jack Willis)
1972 Richard Nixon playing piano, golf, as car mechanic, making faces My Way” short film made for Nixon impressionist David Frye
1971 Richard Nixon making funny faces Feature “Richard” (dir. Harry Hurwitz)
1970 East Village, NYC runaways NYU film school senior project “Annie” (teacher: Martin Scorsese)