Create an original video environment for your space

SCENE FACTORY will work with you to produce video scenes that complement and enhance your site, attract attention, entertain, and stimulate the imagination.

Whether you need 3-second splashes or 2-hour environments, we’ll customize your screen or wall with video content that works for your specific location.

Our experience in film production, research and clearances, and filmmaker representation, means we can offer a wide range of styles and subjects, with a high level of artistic and technical quality, at competitive prices.

* For details of production and research experience please see SCENE HISTORY *

We’ll be happy to present you with a proposal based on your site specifications.



LOCATION Paris metro
SCREEN / WALL DIMENSIONS Vertical screens 1m X 2m
SURRONDING COLORS / TEXTURES Grey and white walls, stairs, platforms
HUMAN TRAFFIC 4 million people / day
TONE / THEME / SUBJECT Subjects that will make people look at the screens more often, vertical format
PLACEMENT RELATIVE TO OTHER CONTENT Short pieces between commercials
DURATION 10 seconds
MISC Original graphic design

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